The Docker Locker

We need your help!
We are planning on launching a bread and beer box scheme throughout east Kent if we can get 6+ supporters in each area.
If you love bread, beer and sweet treats please share this to all your food-loving east Kent friends via Facebook, fax, whatsapp, email or phone!
Some more info: 
We’ve been amazed by the support we’ve received from the local community - it’s kept us running through this lockdown phase.
But we need to deliver about 5 times more bread in order to bring all our staff back online at the end of June. Our staff are local people who are skilled and passionate about bread and beer and we don’t want to lose them because they are the lifeblood of our bakery, and indeed our community.
House-to-house delivery is just too labour intensive on an area outside of C18-21 but we have a solution that we think can work!
Our solution is to bring you: The Docker Locker
This will work much like many other box schemes - there will be a hub in each village or area where customers can collect weekly orders of bread and beer - housed in a solid eco-friendly cardboard box. The Locker itself will be a custom made lockable shed (to allow us to distribute beer safely)
The Docker Locker Ambassador will be the person who houses this storage shed in an accessible area of their garden. They can recruit their neighbours and for each sign-up they will receive a discount of 5% on their own bread order (until their own bread is free!). In addition the person they invite to sign up will receive their first loaf for free - it’s a win-win situation!
If you are interested in becoming an ambassador or a hub customer please fill in the following form and we’ll start to build a picture of where our first Docker Lockers will be.
Once we start launching the signups in a few weeks, as an Ambassador you will need to sign up with your direct debit details. Once you have recruited 5 more people and they have signed up with their direct debit details you will be eligible to get a Docker Locker installed at your location. We will support in the process of recruiting customers and maintain an online map of locker locations. Let's do this!